Strategic advisory

In advance of any transaction, it is vital to be clear on the rationale for doing it. In the case of an acquisition, for example, achieving growth for growth’s sake can be a costly and unrewarding experience. Imperium can help you plan your broader strategy, particularly in the context of growth in shareholder value, succession planning and exit.

Our input may be far in advance of any transaction, or as an immediate precursor to anticipated transaction activity. In either case, we may cover areas that include:

  • Impact on shareholder value of a transaction
  • Management structure and the implications for future options and transaction activity
  • Shaping and presentation of a business to optimise the outcome on exit
  • Market assessment to determine an appropriate transaction strategy
  • Identifying value-drivers as a means of maximising shareholder value

We are not management consultants and will not advise you on how to run your business! But based on our extensive experience we can provide valuable guidance on strategic planning matters, particularly as they pertain to future transactions